New Season, Unlimited Possibilities!
by Pastor D on April 12th, 2010

Grace and peace family!

Welcome to Pyros, my new blog for all things Global! As you know, Pyros, is a special Greek word that speaks of fire, something that we're really excited about here at Global.This will be the official new blog for everything concerning our ministry, press releases and current events.

Although this season has been very fast paced, we are actively engaged in reaching the masses for the Kingdom of God. This is a new season and it requires a different strategy, along with people who are willing to be committed to the vision that God has placed in our lives.
I am excited to know that in this time of change, we serving an unchanging God!

Even while facing a Great Recession, the Kingdom of God has opted out and is declaring this, "A Great Opportunity!" Let's the face the truth. Winston Churchill said, "Truth is better than facts." It is true that we are facing economic turmoil, yet, our God is still on the throne!
You can make it!
Better yet, You're making it!
Expect Greater!
Pastor D

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