Who We Are

Love God? Not Church? 

Join the Club. 

At Global, we know how it is to be religious, a goody-too-shoe, dressed to impressed churchgoer. However, we've come to change that. 

Welcome to a "new", exciting way of doing church. 

We know you've heard it before: 
-Church is too long 
-Church is too boring 
-Church is too loud
-Church is after my money 

We've heard all that and more. Heck, we've even experienced it ourselves! 

However, what if there was a place were church wasn't about WHERE you are but WHO you are? 

What if it was about a loving community of friends, followers and supporters who act as your cheerleaders, your family and comfort you during life's troubles? 

What if the service was only an hour or so and the preacher spoke a word that encouraged you, inspired you and gave you hope? 

What if you had a chance to try again if you've been to a church before, or to go for the first time and be treated like a VIP?

Well, welcome to Global. 

Global Fire International is changing the way we do the church, by being the church. By making partnerships with people rather than membership with pews, we endeavor to inspire people to, "Expect Greater!" From the neighborhood to the nations. 

Sooo, why don't you join us on the adventure? 

Welcome to Church in the WILD

See ya Sunday. It's going down @ 9.