Our Vision
To advance the Kingdom from the neighborhood to the nations. 

Our Mission
To make disciples who incarnate Christ and influence culture. 

Love: Our Atmosphere
We are a family: a growing community of faith, fueled with compassion and genuine fellowship.

Learning: Our Attitude
A disciple is a pupil, a follower.
We are learning more about Christ each day and striving to be more like him in covenant with each other.

Leading: Our Approach
Every disciple is a leader. Our influence touches countless lives wherever we shop, eat, work and live.

Our Story

"Though your beginning was small, your latter end shall increase abundantly."
Job 8:7
These are the prophetic words that help us describe how it all began. Etched into the pages of a sketchbook was a vision of a then 10-year-old boy-wonder preacher. However, it wasn't until he was 17 years old that he embarked upon the journey of a lifetime: building a global ministry. 

Today, we are aggressively building the vision, moment by moment and step by step. We see a church full of inspiration, innovation, and integrity. A community of people from all walks of life, living the call together.

Global Fire Church is changing the perspective of people who have never given a thought to church. By developing partnerships with people, instead of membership with pews, we endeavor to become a vibrant, Kingdom community extending our reach from the neighborhood to the nations. 

Our Mandate

Incarnate Christ + Influence in Culture

At Global, we don't exist just to "have" church, we are establishing the Kingdom of God in the earth.

Making Disciples is apart of the Great Commission. However, the Great Commandment, "loving our neighbor," is very important to us. Our neighbors are entrenched in subcultural trends and values. As believers, we are countercultural: going against the "norm" to present a message of hope in the midst of tough times.
We are restorers, called to incarnate Christ into all seven channels of culture:
-Arts & Entertainment

You are welcome to join the Adventure!